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About the Artist

My name is Pamela (Parker) Naumann, although most people call me Pam. I was born and raised, and currently reside in Northwestern Ontario, Canada where I was raised to be the outdoors woman I am today. I enjoy most things Mother Nature has to offer including (but not limited to) camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, snow machining, off-roading, wild fruit & vegetable harvesting, and more.

Among my many hobbies and interests, I have a full, busy life as the wife and partner-in-crime of an active outdoorsman; a step-mom to two amazing albeit busy girls; a mother to a classically energetic German short-haired pointer; and I manage our family-of-four's schedule around my work day as a government CSR.

Visual Arts of all kinds is, unfortunately, not my job, it is a hobby of mine. My family, work life, and my at-home obligations definitely come first; however, art is without a doubt a strong influence on my life as a whole!

Art Background

For those curious as to my qualifications, I will start by saying, I possess no formal training in the world of visual arts. I started drawing in 1990 at the young age of 2, when I first began holding a pencil and doodling replicas of the characters I would see in restaurants, in books, and on decorations. I began taking art more seriously at the age of 12 when I started reading various art history books, trying out new styles of drawing, and drawing by request. By the age of 16, I was selling my original art pieces and by 19 I began doing custom art pieces that you see featured in my portfolio today.

Although I have experience in cartoons, my primary focus in art is human and animal portraits of realistic composition. I am also sufficient in colour and other mediums, however, I prefer the use of graphite (pencil) on paper.

With every picture I draw, I am able to identify areas of improvement, making each art piece a landslide better than the one prior. As I have said since I was young, “Practice will never make perfect, (nothing is perfect after all) but it will make you much better at what you do!”

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