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Winter WonderLand
Posted:January 31, 2018

One of my favourite times of the year in the great white north is winter time; And not for the reason most people think. Sure, I absolutely love the opportunities the frozen ice sheets give us to fish for the lunkers down below; sure, I find the same child-like thrills cruising across the snow-covered trails on our snow machine; and sure, the innocence of the whitened scenery brings forth ample photo opportunities... But when you get down to it, my adoration of the season lies in my "down time" when I can settle onto a soft couch, cuddled under a warm blanket, sip a cup of green tea and draw to my heart's content.

With some drawing-dedicate time available, I have already found myself swamped with art commissions within my first weeks. I have taken on four individual canine portraits (11" x 14"), a couple & canine portrait (8"x10"), a couple of wooden signs, and a collage wildlife scene (11" x 14")! Yup, I sure have a lot on my hands this winter! Keep your eyes here in the blog for WIP shots of those works!

Happy New Year!

UPDATE: January 31, 2018

Over the course of 2016 and 2017, my family and I have been through a lot - Both a blessing and a curse! In July of 2016, I lost my career with CIBC when our local branch closed, but was fortunate to start in my new career with Service Ontario in September 2016. By November, my partner and I purchased our very first home and in turn, have taken on more renovations than we ever thought possible. To top it all off, we managed through everything in amidst planning our wedding and tying the knot on July 22, 2017; Officially making me Mrs. Pamela Naumann!

As you can see, I've been very busy so visual arts (my hobby) has taken a backseat for far too long! It's time to get back into the swing of things!

With my wedding day, my name has changed, and so has the name of my hobby site. Going forward, Genuine Art by Pamela Parker will be aptly renamed Genuine Art by Pamela Naumann. With a name change, I felt the entire site needed a makeover; New layout, new content, updated portfolio, new pricing, new products, and much more!

For those familiar with my previous website, you will notice I have restructured the links as well to allow me to expand on my content more effectively. The new links are

Home | About | Contact | Artist's Blog
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The previous pages "Portfolio", "Work in Progress", and "Before & After" have now been combined into one Portfolio Page with subsections for smoother navigation. As well, I have included a new Artist's Blog where you can find all updates going forward; a Help & Resources page where you can find links to art related articles, guides, and self-written "How To" topics; and a Local Art page where you can find information on other local artists in the Northwestern region.

All in all, this is a pretty major update! Seeing as I am using a whole new structure to my website layout, please bare with me as I work the kinks out of the coding... It has been 10 years since I coded a site, so I am a bit rusty at it! That being noted, I am relearning a lot so will aim to have a mobile-friendly version of this layout sometime into the 2018 year.

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